HV-100 HD AV Sender/DVB-T Modulator




Low Cost HD Video Distribution

Compliant to existing HD TV sets, no extra adapter required, and no restriction on the number of receivers. All the peripherals like splitter, amplifier, connector…etc are the same as those for regular TV. 

Versatile video inputs and formats

Support CVBS, DVI and HDMI video input.

Besides H.264/MPEG2 HD, MPEG2 SD format is also supported and complaint to existing SD TV sets or STB’s.

Easy to Configure

Channel number can be configured with the built-in rotary switch easily.

More advanced configurations can be set from an external module (optional).

Robust, Reliable and Long Distance

Easily transmit 1080p video over a single 3C2V/RG59 cable for at least 500 meters long without adding any repeater.

For wireless applications, the line of sight transmission distance may reach 50~100 meters at 0dBm RF radiation power and up to several kilo meters at 20 dBm. The real distance depends on the antenna design and receiver quality.

Cascaded Connection (Bus-Topology)

Multiple HV-100's with different channel configurations can share a single cable. It can dramatically reduce the cable deployment cost and effort.

Real time protocol and Low latency

No frame drop in QEF (Quasi-Error-Free) condition, and low transmission latency


General Specifications: